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This is the campaign page of the world of Pandor

Basic world History

It has been 500 years since the war of the Sun, Where the Gods themselves tore the world asunder in battle, the population was decimated, the world was reshaped, what was one continent became several. The forces of life and light were victorious but it came at a heavy price. It is said that the 7 deities left looked around at the carnage and blaming themselves for the destruction of the world made a drastic choice, they left. They left the world (Earth? Paradiso? Fuck it? I have a million other names to come up with) and left the mortals to their own devices. They did leave a gift too the world, and that was the widespread use of magic, once just a gift bestowed on the favorites of the gods, Now any mortal had the abilities to perform arcane magics. Now 500 years civilization has rebuilt itself on the Continent of Pandor, kingdoms have emerged, there’s still worship of deities their names forgotten. Mortal kind has been through an era of relative peace, no major wars or conflicts, there are still monsters of course, and Remnants of the forces of the Dark, but their is the feeling out in the populace that the world has finally found peace, and the price more than worth it.

Religion without Gods

So a world without gods does not mean a world without divine magic, the gods still influence the world through individuals from time to time as they see fit, through the clerics and paladins of the world. In the general population though the people have forgotten the names of the gods themselves, merely praying to the either the Light or the Dark, respectfully. Although no one would pray to the Dark in public, due to obvious societal pressure reasons. Religion has become black vs White, the duality of the seven gods lost over time, as the tales of old have slowly been morphed or forgotten.

The New World of Arcane

The influence of the Arcane studies and minimal influence of the gods has led to a technological boom for the mortal creatures of Septim. 500 years prior people had lived in a technological stasis, living with technology that closer resembled Roman times, as opposed to the medieval era, this campaign represents. Most major rulers on the continent of Pandor, have an arcane advisor as well, their is also a Hub for all arcane users called the Gem Towers, were Arcane users meetup to share and learn their knowledge, it also serves as a political hub for Arcane users as well. To counteract the new magic movement their is an anti magic faction as well known as the tinkers guild, who have their own fortress and political might as well.

World of Pandor